Milling, Engraving

We provide quality milling, laser cutting and engraving services. We use high precision coordinate (CNC) and laser cutting machine LASEC 1250 manufactured by French company MECANUMERIC.
We mill acrylic, PVC, composite boards, glued wood, copper, LMDP, MDP, MDF, MPP, OSB, etc. The maximum material dimensions are 2050x3070x250 mm.


We provide printing services too.
We print with UV and solvent printers
OCE Arizona 360XT, Mimaki
Working size of a flat table: 2500x3050mm (height up to 48mm)
The printer has an integrated white colour option.
We can print on various hard, flexible and roll materials such as:

  • acrylic, PVC, aluminium composite, wood, furniture board, glass, ceramic, steel, etc.
  • film, tent cloth, paper, canvas, leather, linoleum, etc.
  • cell phones, various mediums, souvenirs, etc.

We ensure exceptional resistance to outdoor and indoor conditions.