Channel letters

Are always the original way of visual advertising. According to the client’s wishes and the location of the signboard and other conditions, we can offer the most appropriate production technology.
Possible variations of volume letters:

  • Non-illuminated letters of plastic
  • Non-illuminated letters of aluminium, brass
  • Illuminated acrylic letters of a plastic body
  • Illuminated acrylic letters of an aluminium body
  • Other materials are also available: wood, plywood, steel, etc.


Are one of the most effective means of visual advertising. We may offer economical and non- standard options depending on the wishes of the client. We choose the shape and size of the lightbox in accordance with the client’s logo and features of the mounting location. Lightboxes can be single-sided and double-sided. Lightboxes with volume elements (logos or letters) are also available.
Possible variations of lightboxes:

  • Aluminium profile housing, acrylic front
  • Aluminium housing, acrylic front
  • Plastic housing, acrylic front
  • Aluminium profile housing, stretch fabric front

Stands, pylons

Erected in business centres, offices, hotels, and other areas help to inform about the established companies, area navigation, etc. State-of-the-art solutions will help you quickly store and change information in them. Depending on the need, the stands (pylons) can have either internal or external LED lighting.